Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF)


Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) is a youth-driven initiative by NetMission Ambassadors hoping to create more peer influence. The idea of yIGF indeed was triggered by NetMission Ambassadors on the way back from a trip to United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UNIGF) Egypt in 2009. We felt that Internet Governance should not be only a topic or concern of adults that youth should be part of it as well. Therefore, we tried to project this multi-stakeholder discussion model to the youth level. This gave rise to the yIGF Hong Kong in 2010 with the effort of all NetMission Ambassadors.

However, we did not just stop there. They keep spreading our impact to other countries in Asia Pacific region. With growing number of yIGF taking place, NetMission Ambassadors hope a united youth force will arise in the future to make something great with the intercontinental collabortion.

YIGF since initiated by NetMission in 2010 in Hong Kong, it has been a concurrent camp with Asia Pacific regional IGF. YIGF takes the same multi-stakeholders’ approach as UNIGF which participants are assigned a role as one of the interest group such as government, private sectors and NGOs. It aims to encourage the youth to think from the others’ stance and also providing a platform for them to express and interchange their ideas freely.

YIGF is usually a 4-day-3-night camp which participants are assigned roles as one of the interest groups such as government, private sectors and NGOs. During the camp, they are encouraged to think from new perspectives. Based on equality, YIGF provides an open platform for young generation to express and interchange their ideas and own thoughts on Internet governance freely. It also serves as a preparation camp for them to understand various Internet issues and open their door to the international policy discussion. YIGF has been successfully held in Singapore, Tokyo, South Korea, Macao and the upcoming one in 2016 will be in Taipei, Taiwan.