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Recruitment of NetMission Ambassadors Class 2015

NetMission Ambassadors Program 2015 – 2016
网域使命青年使者計劃 2015 – 2016


 ABOUT US 計劃內容  

In the coming year, NetMission Ambassadors will experience…
在未來一年,网域使命青年使者們將參與…Youth Engagement Projects 青年活動統籌
Organize the Asia Pacific Youth IGF and the Youth IGF Hong Kong in 2016 Summer
舉辦2016年夏季於台灣舉行的「亞太區青年網絡管治論壇 (Asia Pacific Youth IGF)」,以及在港籌辦及推廣首屆「香港青年網絡管治論壇 (Youth IGF Hong Kong)」

Community Projects 自主公益項目
Uphold the mission of contributing towards digital inclusion, Internet governance as well as a respectable and harmonious Internet environment by self-initiating different related community projects.

International Exposure 國際交流機會
Represent Hong Kong Youth attending United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Brazil in Nov 2015
代表香港青年出席2015年11月於巴西舉辦「聯合國網絡管治論壇 (UNIGF)」


The NetMission Ambassadors’ program is looking for:
25 enthusiastic students in local tertiary institutes and universities; with good language ability in Cantonese, Putonghua and English who are willing to contribute to the betterment of the Internet and the society at large. School or area of study does NOT affect the selection process.現正招募:


Online Application 網上申請:
Complete the application form at the website and answer following questions.
於 填妥網上表格及回答以下問題。
Click here for online application 按此進入網上報名表格

Questions 問題
1) What is the Internet Issue you concern most and why? (within 200 words)

2) How will you leverage Information and Communication Technology to drive positive social change? Please share your idea with us.






Mr. David NG 吳先生
Phone 電話:2244 7987
Email 電郵: [email protected]


Application Deadline 截止報名日期 (26.09.2015)
Early applications may have chance to arrange Interview beforehand, early submission is highly recommended.
早期遞交申請者有機會獲安排於面試日前作早輪面試,歡迎盡早報名。1st Round Selection: Interview Day 第一輪遴選「面試日」(04.10.2015)
Selected applicants will receive information for attending “4 Oct, 1st Round Selection: Interview Day” on or before 2 Oct.

2nd Round Selection: Pitching Contest 第二輪遴選「PITCHING大賽」(10.10.2015)
Applicants passed the interview will be invited to attend “10 Oct, 2nd Round Selection: Pitching Contest”, invitation will be sent out on or before 8 Oct, selected applicants will share their “Ideas for change by using ICT” with guests from the Industry, government and welfare sectors.

Elect Hong Kong Youth Representative to participate in [email protected] 選出香港青年代表出席於巴西舉辦的「聯合國網絡管治論壇」(10-13.11.2015)
Applicants with outstanding performance in “Pitching Contest” will be appointed as “NetMission Ambassadors”. After trainings, 1-2 ambassadors will be elected to represent youth from Hong Kong to attend United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Brazil from 10 – 13 Nov this year, with full sponsorship (including return tickets, travel, meal and accommodation) .
「PITCHING大賽」表現傑出者會成為「网域使命青年使者」,經訓練後,將選出1-2名青年使者,並獲全數資助(包括來回機票、當地食宿及交通開 支),代表香港青年出席11月10至13日於巴西舉行的「聯合國網絡管治論壇」 (United Nations Internet Governance Forum)。

NetMission Ambassadors in Action 网域使命青年使者全體起動(Jan-Aug 2016)
NetMission Ambassadors will help organizing the Youth IGF @ APrIGF in Taiwan & the First Youth IGF Hong Kong during 2016 Summer. At the same time, uphold the mission of contributing towards digital inclusion, Internet governance as well as a respectable and harmonious Internet environment, ambassadors are granted a large degree of freedom and flexibility to self-initiate different related community projects.
所有當選的「网域使命青年使者」將全力協助舉辦2016年夏季於台灣舉行「亞太區互聯網管治論壇 (APrIGF)」當中的「青年網絡管治論壇 (Youth IGF)」,以及在港籌辦首屆「香港青年網絡管治論壇 (Youth IGF Hong Kong)」,任內更會有自主發揮空間舉辦不同慈善項目,倡議及推廣建設更加健康、安全和諧和互相尊重的數碼世界。

(All dates are only for reference. The organizer reserves the rights to change the dates 以上日期僅供參考,主辦機構保留一切修改權利)



  • 網絡管治青年論壇,澳門 Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) in Macau2014
  • 互聯網安全日,香港 Safer internet Day 2014, Hong Kong
  • ICANN新世代,新加坡 [email protected], Singapore
  • 網絡管治青年論壇,德里 Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) in Delhi
  • NetY網絡大使計劃 NetY Ambassador Program
  • 數碼共融小學生教育日 NetMission X WebOrganic Mentorship Programme 2014-15 – Funday
  • 準大學生網絡管治工作坊 NetMission X Aspiration – Pre University Internet Governance Workshop


  • 網絡管治青年論壇,首爾 Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) in Seoul
  • 北京青年論壇:模擬董事會會議 Youth Forum in ICANN Beijing: Mock Board Meeting ICANN
  • NetY網絡大使計劃 NetY Ambassador Program
  • 數碼共融小學生教育日 NetMission X WebOrganic – Digital Inclusion Day


  • 網絡管治青年論壇,東京 Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) in Tokyo
  • NetY網絡大使計劃 NetY Ambassador Program
  • 數碼共融小學生教育日 NetMission X WebOrganic – Digital Inclusion Day


  • 網絡管治青年論壇,新加坡 Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) in Singapore


  • 網絡管治青年論壇,香港 Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) in Hong Kong
  • 為來自低收入家庭的中年婦女提供互聯網體驗班 Workshop on Internet for housewives from low-income families
  • 「數碼達人大作戰」兒童開心教育嘉年華 The Digital Warrior’s Children Carnival
  • 互聯網安全計劃走入屋苑 Pilot Program Help Underprivileged Families with Internet Security
  • 問卷調查:老年人使用互聯網的關鍵原因和要素 Survey-The Elderlies’ Opinions Towards Internet Usage


NetMission Ambassadors participated in different conferences of Internet governance at regional and international level, to voice out the opinion of youth and to demonstrate the importance and capacity of youth participation. Previous NetMission Ambassadors participated in the following international conferences respectively,网域使命青年使者曾參與不同有關網絡管治的國際或地區會議,表達青年人的意見和想法,以及展示青年參與政策討論的能力和重要 性。過往网域使命青年使者曾參與:

  • 11th APNG Camp, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (吉隆坡,馬來西亞)
  • APNIC Meeting, Beijing, China (北京,中國)
  • ICANN 36 Meeting, Seoul, Korea (首爾,韓國)
  • IGF 2009, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (沙姆沙伊赫,埃及)
  • 12th APNG Camp, Hiroshima, Japan (廣島,日本)
  • Youth IGF Camp, London, UK (倫敦,英國)
  • IGF 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania (維爾紐斯,立陶宛)
  • ICANN 39 Meeting, Cartagena,Colombia (卡塔赫納,哥倫比亞)
  • ICANN 41 Meeting, Singapore (新加坡)
  • 2nd yIGF, Singapore (新加坡)
  • IGF 2011, Nairobi, Kenya (內羅畢,肯尼亞)
  • 14th APNG Camp, Seoul, Korea (首爾,韓國)
  • 3rd yIGF, Tokyo, Japan (東京,日本)
  • ICANN 45 Meeting, Toronto, Canada (多倫多,加拿大)
  • IGF 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan (巴庫,阿塞拜疆)
  • ICANN 46 Meeting, Beijing, China (北京,中國)
  • 4th yIGF, Seoul, Korea (首爾,韓國)
  • ITU BYND 2015 Global Youth Summit, Costa Rica (哥斯達黎加)
  • IGF 2013, Bali, Indonesia (峇里,印尼)
  • ICANN 49 Meeting, Singapore (新加坡)
  • ICANN 50 Meeting, London, England (倫敦, 英國)
  • 5th yIGF, Delhi, India (德里,印度)
  • IGF 2014 Istanbul, Turkey (伊斯坦堡,土耳其)
  • RightsCon SE Asia 2014, Manila, Philippines (馬尼拉,菲律賓)
  • ICANN 52 Meeting, Singapore (新加坡)
  • 6th yIGF, Macau, China (澳門,中國)


The organizers may modify the terms and conditions of the program from time to time, and modifications will take effect at the time they are announced on website ( and without prior notice to applicants. The organizers reserve the right in its sole discretion to amend the contest terms and conditions if necessary and its decision shall be final.主辦單位保留修改計劃條款及細則之權利,而不須作預先通知。最新條款及細則可瀏覽「网域使命」網站。 如有任何爭議,主辦單位保留最後決定權。